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In order for your school counselor to sent your transcript and other supporting documents to your schools you must add the schools to your Naviance account.

Here are a few tasks seniors must do for initial college application set up.

  • Video on how to add colleges to your college list and request a transcript through Naviance CLICK HERE!

    • You can apply to college via the Common App (most do), directly to the institution via their website, or via another platform. No matter what platform you use students still MUST add all schools to their Naviance accounts to ensure transcripts and other supporting doc’s get sent!

  • AND/or you can review the PDF on how to add colleges to your Naviance account HERE!

  • Start your CommonApp account. This is your college application for 90% of the schools you are applying to.

  • Linking your Naviance with your CommonApp CLICK HERE!


      • Ask teachers for a letter of recommendation to support your college applications. Most colleges will require letters of recommendation. Even if a college does not require a letter of rec, you should still have several on file in your Naviance account for scholarship applications. You should ask for recommendations:

        • From two core teachers that know you best. Can be freshman, sophomore, or junior year teachers. Or – one core and one CTE – Or see what colleges are asking for.

        • Once you have teachers willing to write your recommendation(s) you will have to request that they upload to your Naviance account so that your school counselor has access to send them to your colleges. HERE is how to request through Naviance. Wait to add the request until the beginning of your senior year. Your school counselors and I will remind you – don’t worry. ONLY use Naviance for recommendations! Use the Common App and Coalition App recommendation features for non-APS employee recommendations – this is important and we will remind you of this also.

        • Most colleges will require a recommendation from your school counselor as well. Fill out your “Brag Sheets” These “Brag Sheets” give students an opportunity to write awesome stuff about yourself that you school counselor may not know about to perhaps be included in your letter of recommendation.

        • “Brag Sheets” are found in your Naviance account. Upper right hand corner click on the “About Me” tab – from there you will see “surveys from your school.”

        • How to ask for a letter of recommendation – a step-by-step guide.

        • You will apply to college in several ways – Directly to the institution, via the Common App, or via the Coalition App. Most colleges, as you will see, use the Common App.

        You can start your Common App early!! Get a head start on this for sure! You will thank yourself later!