Early Childhood Education II

Early Childhood Education II (28236)
Prerequisite(s): Early Childhood Education I, or Child Development & Parenting; also, a tuberculin skin test and/or a chest x-ray may be required.

This course continues to improve students’ skills in teaching young children. Students become familiar with the full range of occupational opportunities in the Early Childhood Education field and focus on special-needs children. Students implement a variety of Early Childhood curriculum activities through field work placements.

  • College Credit: This course may be dual-enrolled at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) as CHD 165 3 credits at NOVA. The NOVA entrance requirements must be met before registering. The content of this course is taught at the college level. Please consult with your counselor for more details.
  • Certifications: Completion of Early Childhood Education I & II will assist students in achieving the Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credential.