Engineering I & II

Engineering I: Intro to Engineering Design
Prerequisite(s): None

Engineering I emphasizes the development of engineering design. Students use computer software to produces, analyze and evaluate models of project solutions. They study the design concepts of form and function, and then use state-of-the-art technology to translate conceptual design into reproducible products. This course teaches students to understand and apply the design process, apply adaptive design concepts to develop sketches, solve design problems while they develop, create and analyze product models using solid modeling computer design software.

Engineering II: Principles of Engineering
Prerequisite: Engineering I or concurrent enrollment in Engineering I (28491)

This course provides an overview of engineering technology. Students develop problem-solving skills by tackling real-world engineering problems. Through theory and practical hands-on experiences, students address the emerging social and political consequences of technological change. Some of the topics covered will be an overview and perspective of engineering, the design process, communication and documentation, and engineering systems, statics, materials and materials testing, and thermodynamics